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  • Irina Ketkin - Learning and Development Expert

Removing annual performance reviews?

Source: Officevibe

Every year employees receive the dreaded e-mail that the performance review window is open. And for the next 3 to 4 weeks, they need to log into the HR system of the day, assess themselves, have meeting with their line manager and hear how their assessment is wrong... Finally, receive a score that is nothing short of surprising. And then quite... until next year.

Is that really the way to run companies' performance? Does it add value? In my humble opinion - ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

I am glad to hear that more and more companies let go of this ancient ritual and instead invent a more customer-centric (or in this case employee-centric) approach to managing performance. There are many examples of companies that have done that.

Officevibe provides a wonderful overview of why PM doesn't work and what can be done instead. You can read the full article here.

But if you're lazy... I mean, busy to read the whole article, here are the key takeaways the author outlines:

  • Assigning grades to learning kills creativity by making motivators external, not internal.

  • The fear that the annual review brings to the workplace inhibits innovation.

  • Feedback needs to occur all year-long, not only once a year.

  • Employees need constant communication in order to learn and grow.

  • We need to be more mindful of our words and avoid using confrontational language.

  • Matching employee’s performance to a number keeps affects the way they are perceived *by themselves and their managers), and therefore treated.

  • Performance should be tied to values, to keep everyone moving collectively towards a common goal.


Have you come across companies that said 'goodbye' to traditional performance management? If so, share in the comments below.

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