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Irina Ketkin - Learning and Development Expert
Learning and Development Expert | Adventures of the Learner
Learning and Development Expert | Adventures of the Learner

Ira is an amazing person and I think that is the fundamental reason why she succeeds at her job with flying colors everyday. Her natural reaction to any problem that she is trying to solve is "Thinking long term" , this reflected so many times when we were working on special projects and during brainstorming sessions. She is selfless and puts the "Organization first", She is a leader who can deliver even in the absence of formal authority. 

- Ramesh, LinkedIn

Learning and Development Expert | Adventures of the Learner

Her supportiveness of all of her colleagues and co-workers and her positivity which you can't help but join in with. I have never heard Irina complaining that I can remember - which is quite an achievement. Irina is a great coach and a fantastic counterbalance in the office to have against all the operational roles

- 360 degree feedback report, 2015

Ira is an outlier, an exception to the norm. I think she is an inspiring, brave, young professional . A real role model for anybody and everybody. Her strongest suits are many, but I think the continuous drive to develop and learn is the one that I have the most respect for. If you measure respect by how much has an individual influenced you and instigated a change in your life, I think I have unlimited respect for Ira. 

- Borislav, Line manager 2012-2014

I learned so much about how to come to new ideas for solving problems and executing solutions like never before!

- Anonymous training feedback response

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