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  • Irina Ketkin, author of #adventuresofthelearner

Basic Gamification and when to apply it

Gamification has become "the thing" to do in the last 2-3 years. I've also seen a lot of research that proves it can be effective, if done right. But the one thing all experts seem to agree on is what elements go into it.

Here it is:

  • Levels - Players needs to be clear on what they need to do to reach the next level. And amazingly enough, reaching the next level is a reward in itself.

  • Points - Just like Super Mario (which is my most favourite game of all times) collected coins throughout the game, players also need to collect some sort of points they can use later for something (i.e. reward points they can spend in an online store)

  • Badges - again, similar to Super Mario collecting mushrooms and firing flowers, players have to collect badges to attest their achievement of something.

  • Social - in recent years being 'social' is also an 'IT' thing. While I cannot agree that this would suit everyone, having the social element seems to be important as well. Most of the time that is either a chat, a corporate forum or some sort of a public leaderboard that everyone can keep track of.

Now, obviously, this is a very simplified version of how to gamify interventions, and I believe it it can be applied rather effectively in a number of different scenarios. Of course, the first example here would in LnD - having a game illustrate a theory would come in handy especially when talking about a pesky soft skill. But I've also come across a recent situation where it can be used in a very interesting manner - a team that's been together for years and has been doing the same thing over and over again and simply lacks a bit of pizzazz. Turn their daily routine into a game, where their productivity brings them points; overcome difficult challenges and receive badges (may be 15 min extra brake?); have levels based on point and badge collection and a leaderboard to keep it all in check. While the last bit can create a bit of competition, I would like to believe that it will be a healthy one.

What other basic elements would you add to the list above? And what situations have you come across where this concept can be used? Have you used any apps and softwares that can help?

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